The Bell Soaps: Will There Be Justice For Emma And Beth? Is The Newman War Over?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Man, Detective Sanchez cannot let Thomas rest, can he? Barely wakes up from his fall and is already questioning him about it. He doesn’t even know if he has his memories or not. It looks like he does remember, and it seems like he’s protecting Brooke, but why? It’s not like he and Brooke see eye to eye. He’s definitely going to use this as some leverage or maybe he’s just as sorry as he really was on the cliff.

Something else Detective Sanchez refuses to allow Thomas to forget? Emma’s death. We all know that he ran her off, checked her body, and walked away. So how far before someone finds out the truth and brings her justice? Xander and Flo have already done their jobs and alerted the authorities all that’s missing is finding the proof that he did it. Of course, Ridge steps in as he did with everyone else who went after him. At least Thomas confesses to his father – kind of.

It looks like Thomas’s recovery in the hospital is going very well. Which means he can finally go home and recover at home in the comfort of his own bed.

Wyatt does not give himself a break. He went from Sally to Flo, and it looks like after last week he’s back with Sally. This man is setting himself up for a heartbreak. It looks like Sally is playing some sort of game, but what is she playing?

It looks like Ridge isn’t going to be forgiving Brooke anytime soon. He still is blaming her for pushing Thomas off the cliff. We get it – really, we do – but Ridge dismissing everything Thomas has done because what? He loves him? That’s not good enough.

Brooke isn’t going to lay down and take Ridge’s bullying. She still believes Thomas is a threat, and maybe he was sincere by apologizing, but we’ll technically never know for sure until we see what he truly wants to do with the truth of what happened on the cliff. Not entirely surprising that Ridge wants to “get to the bottom of it” with Thomas, but when it comes to literally everyone else involved, he wants them to suffer. Ridge turns a blind eye to his child, and that is something that needs to change. It just seems like he doesn’t want to believe that what she did was an accident, but what Thomas did is forgivable.

It’s still sweet watching Hope and Liam holding Beth and being together as a family. We just hope nothing happens for this family again.

We get that what Flo did was stupid and truly criminal but let’s face it she truly is sorry with the way she is allowing herself to be brought to justice. Sure, if it were our kid, we would never forgive her, so we really don’t blame Hope or the family, but at least she’s taking responsibility and hopefully everyone can see her taking responsibility.

There cannot be any good of Ridge visiting Flo in prison. Flo is telling the truth about everything, but here is Ridge trying to torment her and not want to listen to her when it comes to Thomas. He might have as well just not spoken to her because all he is doing is blaming Flo for Thomas’s actions.

We love Pam, really, we do, we need a Pam in our lives, but man that woman cannot read a room. Obviously, Brooke looks distraught, and all she can do is go on and on about her and Ridge’s tension. Pam keeps talking about how they both have kids that they love and are getting an annulment. Thank goodness Bill stepped in.

Speaking of Bill, when it comes to Wyatt or Liam his love and protectiveness have absolutely no boundaries which include going to the hospital and getting into it and even stooping so low to threaten Thomas while he is laying in the hospital bed.  

The Young and the Restless: Last week we got to find out that Chloe was indeed not dead, and that Michael has brought her back to Genoa City. So, does that mean any type of reconciliation between the two former best friends? It sounds like Chelsea isn’t so ready or keen to forgive her. Who would? Chloe basically made sure Connor grew up with his father, hell he had to mourn his father, Chelsea had to mourn the “death” of her husband, and then she had to mourn the death of her best friend. This is not something someone can forgive so easily. But it looks like her love for Chloe is allowing Chelsea to forgive her and start over.

It looks like Kevin’s and Chloe’s plan on telling Jack, Traci, and Victoria he’s in rehab again for gambling is going smoothly. No one suspects anything at all from anyone. We just hope that maybe Chloe can get through to Billy when he finally wakes up. Perhaps Billy can eventually overcome his demons when it comes to Delia. It just sucks that Victoria has to get the brunt of everything when it comes to Billy’s issues and his insomnia.

It doesn’t look like Billy remembers at all what he did – or at least tried to do – to Adam last week when he almost ran him down the same area where Delia died. He’s having a hard time believing Chloe that he tried to hit Adam, and it seems like it’s going not the way she planned.

Nick seems to want to forgive Chloe so quickly for everything she has done in the past but is blatantly refusing to see that maybe his family is the problem for Adam’s actions. Not that he isn’t to blame as well, but everyone on this show just needs to take a good look at themselves because no one is the saint they all want to believe the other is.

We also see the relationship between Chelsea and Nick has been thoroughly heating up, and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down any time soon. Is this going to go well with Adam?

One good thing that has come from Chloe coming back was saving Adam’s ass when Billy’s deranged and sleep-deprived tried to literally run Adam down and kill him. If Chloe didn’t stop him, who knows what could have happened to them both. Obviously with Billy knocked out cold with a sedative Kevin and Chloe gave him Adam still doesn’t know who tried to kill him.

Michael, on the other hand in all of this, has been helpful, but we think he might be a little cocky. Eventually, Adam will retaliate and realize what Michael has been up to, and he will not like that at all. Adam is Adam, of course; he wouldn’t be the evil one of his siblings if he didn’t think at least two steps ahead of Michael. But asking about Michael’s son? That’s a low blow. Don’t go after anyone’s kid. But what’s worse is that Adam has concrete proof that Fen is not only doing drugs, but it looks like he is also dealing. It now looks like Michael no longer needs to be looking out for his brother, Kevin, but he needs to look out after for his son, Fen.

It looks like the sting from Sharon refusing Adam’s proposal is still fresh because let’s face it – who in their right minds would want the person they wanted to marry to pity them? Adam is right, Nick has no idea what he has done, Nick talks big about being a good person, but when it comes to Adam it gets thrown out the window, and it’s like his all high and mighty attitude doesn’t apply to Adam.

Devon is still worried about the letter he received last week that seems like someone has found some discrepancies from Katherine’s will. It looks like going down memory lane when it comes to his grandmother is a steep road. He just misses her and regrets how he treated her, and it seems like someone knows about it? Maybe that’s why whoever this person is, is trying to fight the will.

We always knew Zoe was up to something when she and Theo showed up uninvited to Lola’s and Kyle’s wedding. But what exactly is she up to trying to work with Phyllis? Zoe is trying to blow up The Grand Phoenix all to become an influencer like Summer. However, we don’t think that’s the only reason why she wants to do it. Uh oh, it looks like Zoe isn’t too thrilled with anyone – especially Summer – at the pre-gamming party Abby is throwing for the grand opening of The Grand Phoenix.

Speaking of Phyllis, it looks like she’s not going to let go of her grudge for Abby and Chelsea anytime soon. It seems like she has confidence that the two of them will screw up The Grand Phoenix all on their own. But it looks like working with Adam is going to have the benefits she reaps.

It seems like things are just going horrible in Lola and Kyle’s apartment. Last week the air conditioner didn’t work during a heatwave, and this week their shower is broken. It looks showering together is not an option. But maybe it’s a blessing in disguise since now that Lola and Kyle are thinking of actually moving.

It looks like Victor and Jack’s talk sparked a feeling in Jack. He’s now on the road for a way to find some self-fulfillment. While he is trying to find something that is missing, he is giving Kyle a second chance as interim CEO of Jabot while he is gone. But Kyle, on the other hand, has taken the role as interim CEO to a whole new level as he and Summer work diligently to represent Jabot at The Grand Phoenix opening!  

Performer of the Week: We need to be praising Thorsten Kaye this week! He plays Ridge Forrester on The Young and the Restless, and he plays his character well. We see the calm, and collected Ridge is the scared father after witnessing his son falling to his near death. We see him refuse to see Thomas in the lousy light he’s supposed to be in, and that is acting that just not anyone can do. Thorsten was born on February 22nd in Frankfurt, West Germany. He holds nationality as both a German and British. The 53-year-old German-British actor has had many roles that have him pushing his limits from a regular role on All My Children to movies like Shark Attack 2.