Fashionista: Taking The Party Indoors With Josie Natori


During the cold nights, most after-work activities are indoors. But this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your style to accommodate cozy items. In the Runway Report you’ll find a casual look that starts the day functional and warm with you and can easily make you look astonishing during after-hours. The item to splurge on this week will prove to you that the perfect sexy sweater exists.

Runway Report: Josie Natori’s fall collection for 2018 wanted to create a collection that works for women. The versatile collection presented a variety of patterns, colors, and embroidery that can be easily incorporated in your style. A patterned jacket-and-pants set can be what’s missing to transform your outfit into an outstanding look to wear at a casual meeting. Indoor parties are becoming more common with the end of October, and this ensemble is true to Natori’s purpose: versatile. The black turtleneck ($35) worn with black suede boots ($165) and complemented by patterned leggings ($360) and blazer ($250) is perfect for a fun, yet fashionable, happy hour look as well. To make this outfit even more versatile, big silver dropping earrings ($40) will add the transition detail you need to transition between casual workwear and afterwork party.

Splurge: Cold weather sexiness can be achieved without suffering. Even during the cold days, an off-shoulder sweater will bring the provocative touch you want into your outfit. If your style is a modern one, opt for an asymmetric off-shoulder by Tom Ford ($1,400). If casual style with an effortless sexiness speaks to you, this off-shoulder by Roland Mouret ($1,270) will be your new favorite item. But if sophistication and modernity equally express your style, this off-shoulder by Stella McCartney ($960) is the perfect mix. For any off-shoulder you choose, try it with heels for an elongated silhouette.

During the week all we need are outfits that are versatile and still make a fashion statement. Patterns can be what you’re looking for when needing something to wear on top of a neutral and warm turtleneck. If warmth is something you’re not willing to give up easily during colder days, there’s an off-shoulder that combines with your style. A sensual silhouette in the form of a cozy sweater is probably the best feature a sweater has to offer.