Fashionista: Eighties’ Elegance

Givenchy Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Givenchy Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

80s’ fashion is often misappropriated as a caricature of the decade. However, Givenchy cleverly used the eighties as a source for more traditional looks. Without losing some of the irreverence that this decade mastered, the Runway Report’s outfit has two of the most iconic items from the eighties: white shoes and leather pants. On the same topic, the item you will want to splurge on this week had its glory in the eighties and has one thing in common that is conquering the fall 2018: neon.

Runway Report: Inspired by the streets of Berlin during the 80s, Givenchy created a fall collection that places women between traditional and bold options. Revisiting the eighties without parodying it, Givenchy brought colors, metallics, textures, and leather trousers directly from the Berlin punk rock scene to tasteful workwear outfits. If you doubted the idea of wearing leather pants for the 9-to-5, Givenchy will convince you otherwise. The composed look includes leather pants ($800) that adds style and attitude with its texture without overpowering it: turning the outfit into a look you’d wear when heading to a rock concert. The printed blouse ($300) actually balances out the look with a little volume through the print, which visually equilibrates the ensemble. As a truly eighties outfit, the look ends in white heels ($60). Stylish and full of personality, this workwear ensemble is a successful definition of the tension that the eighties expressed as a more edgy fashion decade, diluted into a traditional style by Givenchy.

Splurge: One of the trends for Fall 2018 is all around the runways and on celebrities’ style: neon. Vibrant colors with a bold personality are a reminiscence of the 80s that adds a “notice me” smidgeon to your night look. As Prada described, wearing neon is a tribute to the lights of Vegas: in the darkest nights you’ll guide the eyes and astonish those who encounter you. To hit the dancefloor, this knit mini-dress by Balmain ($3,350) is a mix of black dress and neon. If you want to add neon into your style but prefer to do it with accessories, this neon clutch by Prada ($970) can fit in the trendy colors into any look. But if you, like neon, have an intrepid personality, you can splurge on an item that can be worn during the day as well: a velvet jersey top that comes with gloves by Balenciaga ($895). Always wear neon clothes with bright colors in your makeup, inventing a flowy discourse between fashion and beauty you’ll not be washed out by the bright color.

During the day or at the club, irreverence and sophistication can meet at the middle of your style. To express your sophistication, you don’t need to rely on the traditional style: some “dangerous” items, when used with wisdom, can create an interesting effect. Leather pants and neon tops can have a space in your wardrobe for moments when you want to provoke with creativity, or just because you enjoy your signature confident style. The eighties are setting the tone for this fall: dare and have fun.