Fashionista: Vibrant Chevron by Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Duro Olowu Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Mixing prints are daring enough, but accomplishing a casual look that not only blend prints perfectly but brings them to a more urbanite style is an art that Duro Olowu has mastered. In the Runway Report, we see one of Olowu’s outfits worth copying by those with a creative spirit and love for prints. Every fall we find ourselves wearing pieces that are warm and comfortable, but that sometimes aren’t the most stylish. To avoid this feeling, in the Splurge section you’ll find how knitwear can have a strong personality like you.

Runway Report: Olowu’s woman is creative and a print lover. For fall 2018, Olowu mixed bold colors with chevron prints. To copy a look that has juxtaposition of prints, we want one color to be present in the different items, even in details, to smooth the transition between bold prints as Olowu likes. The artistic style expressed by this outfit can be achieved with a midi length skirt with floral prints ($345), and a sweater ($50) and scarf ($60) in chevron. This outfit copied from Olowu’s florals and chevrons collection will have a slightly bohemian tone to it. To bring the look to city, transparency from the tights ($20) and the modern hand warmers ($115) will add an original touch to the ensemble. To complete the accessories, Olowu’s creation presents white boots ($450) and a fedora hat ($25). If the mix of prints aren’t essentially original, Olowu is a master of blending them to create a casual look. In this outfit, the accessories couldn’t be smarter: the street style seen in the use of hand warmers, for example, updates the outfit from just bold to stylish and creative.

Splurge: Independent of your personality, knitwear is a must-have during fall. Since it’s not coat season yet, the warm layers aren’t thick enough to cover our beautiful knitwear items. You can find knitwear pieces that are comfortable and fashionable. If you want to splurge on something that can be worn both at work and to cocktail hours, consider this sophisticated knit dress in white by Sachin & Babi ($550). However, if your style is more artistic and you believe that cardigans are the knitwear for you, you’ll love this oversized cardigan by Etro ($1,240). And, if you doubt that knit can be sexy, check out this lingerie-inspired knit top by Chloe ($750) and combine this knit item with a bomber jacket for a casual look during the day or with a mini skirt to have a neat sexy outfit.

Some styles and occasions ask for something other than safe choices. The mighty contribution of prints to a look can be original without losing the tone. Juxtaposition of prints is not an easy accomplishment, but when we learn from experts like Olowu, we don’t only need to copy their looks: we can also create our own printed outfits. Looking at fashion pieces from a new perspective can save our style from boredom; knitwear doesn’t have to simply express comfort, for example. Knowing what items to wear can bring knitwear to your stylistic spotlight. Bold, creative, original, and, most of all, exciting—like us, our style is not about mere reproduction. It’s about finding how we translate confidence into fashion without abstaining from our preferences.