Fashionista: Cheering-Up With Fashion East

Fashion East Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Fashion East Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

With the beginning of fall, the outfits start to reflect the cloudy days ahead: neutrals, gray and dark colors seem to set the mood. However, Fashion East is ready to break with the neutrality and put the vibrant colors back in your days. In the Runway Report this week, we have an outfit that incorporates personality (in the form of color) into your style. To splurge on this week, we offer an accessory that has all the attributes to transform the casual into cool chic.

Runway Report: Fashion East’s designers described their fall 2018 muse as “Quite luxurious, modern, and grown-up.” The collection was definitely true to a style that mixes fancy and modern. If a midi dress comes straight out of an upper-class attire, Fashion East presents it in a vibrant yellow to satisfy the lavish fall tendency. Combine the yellow dress ($40) with low heel sandals ($80) and earrings in silver ($40) and you’ll have a casual outfit to wear from brunch until cocktail hours. The bright yellow brings the modern touch that Fashion East promises, but the midi length adds the elegance that elevates the ensemble to a more chic (and grown-up) style. Low heel sandals and big earrings ease the classic feeling and add fun to the outfit. The perfect balance between exciting and elegant in one casual blend of silver and yellow to cheer up even the cloudiest day.

Splurge: Newsboy cap, baker boy hat, or sailor cap: this style of hat, stolen from masculine attire, is always synonymous with cool. Hats are the best accessory to level up any outfit, and with the first chill days approaching, nothing is better than warm hats that are practical and stylish. If the newsboy cap intimidates you, don’t worry. This type of cap matches perfectly with any casual outfit, giving the impression that even your most-everyday-outfit came fresh from the runway. A fashionable accessory like that with the power to complement any haircut needs a place in your wardrobe. If your style is more feminine with a preference for light colors and delicate lines, this Chanel sailor cap ($1.300) is the best accessory to finish your looks. But if instead, dark colors and leather will better speak to your style, splurge on this Prada ($480). Hats are also a good way to play with textures in your looks. Knits and other textures are a fall/winter must-have, so why not mix it with velvet and create an interesting outfit? This Zadig & Voltaire cap ($170) has not only two different textures but also adds a touch of color to your closet and looks.

Some items seem too edgy to come home with us. Give these items a chance, most of the time what you need is to incorporate them with the pieces you already love. Silver sandals and jeans have space in any style, but when mixed with a midi yellow dress or a sailor cap what was casual is now cool and in. Street style is one of the hardest to master: too many options, too few clear rules about what not to wear. Enjoy the freedom and dare to dazzle the streets with a très chic casual style.