Fashionista: French Royalty with Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Fashion influence comes in a variety of forms: celebrities, films, music, and history. In the Runway Report, you’ll find how Louis Vuitton looked back into French history to create a lesson for fall clothing. Following the same idea, with nights getting cold, in the Splurge section we have an item that can be combined easily with heavy coats to give you all the glam you want.

Runway Report: Louis Vuitton likes to explore French history in their collection; for this look we see the influence of royal fur coats. However, here the fur is blended with leather in a composition that is modern without missing the signature of the brand. A leather moto jacket with fur ($200) will incorporate sophistication and a classy style into a minimalistic outfit of a white pencil skirt ($35) and white blouse ($30). If the white look serves as a white canvas for a bold fur leather coat, the accessories follow in the steps of stylish sophistication from the coat. Heels with a detail to add depth ($40) to the look, black gloves ($50) and silver drop earrings ($20) to complement the classic elegance of the outfit, and the bolo tie necklace ($125) and printed leather bag ($1,790) will integrate a little extravagance to the ensemble that will balance the coat. Classic and warm with a royal vibe, this outfit is centered on the fur leather coat. A majestic item like this can be combined with different pieces to change the tone of the look. A black dress, for example, will stand out with this single addition.

Splurge: Jumpsuits conquered our wardrobes and our hearts. They’re practical and stylish. However, if jumpsuits sound like a summer item, you need to explore the fall options. To splurge on jumpsuits this fall, opt for versions you’ll want to wear at night, to a bar, club, or friendly gatherings. To compose a great fall night look, chose the jumpsuit and mix it with a heavy coat, scarf and gloves if you prefer to not give the cold even the slightest chance. The first jumpsuit is a classic tuxedo-like jumpsuit by Karl Lagerfeld ($465) that is sophisticated with some shimmering details. With this jumpsuit you can be bold and wear a fur coat or keep it classy with a long wool coat. The second jumpsuit is by Escada ($1,875) has stars all over it. Elegant and fun, this jumpsuit style can be complemented by a colorful coat for an extra touch. The last jumpsuit is a velvet version with a plunging neckline by Diane Von Furstenberg ($900). This exuberant jumpsuit can be worn with a blazer or a biker jacket: either way this jumpsuit will put you in the spotlight.

An outfit can incorporate the luxury of kings and queens  into a more street-friendly style. Balancing a focus item with more muted pieces and using accessories to create the luxurious tone of the look is an expertise we can borrow from Louis Vuitton. This is an important ability to have when dressing during fall and winter. When we need to add a piece of clothing that will create a secondary look, all items need to communicate well visually. A jumpsuit, for example, is stylish without the fuss of having two or more items in one look, making it easy to compose a glamorous outfit with a coat, jacket, or a scarf. Choose your best item and use it as the main theme for your ensemble.