Fashionista: Whispered Sophistication By Hermès

Hermès Ready-To-Wear Fall 2018

Hermès Ready-To-Wear Fall 2018

A good idea and excellent execution are everything a designer needs to captivate our attention and provoke our curiosity. In the Runway Report, you’ll find a look that creatively blends styles without overpowering your ownitems—this Hermès ensemble will make you rethink the idea that you can wear whatever under a long coat. An accessory that will help you improve your first impression and help you organize your bag waits for you in the Splurge section,.

Runway Report: For fall 2018, Hermès wanted to explore what the firm called “whispered sophistication.” Probably the whisper Hermès is trying to achieve in his collection can be better understood as subtlety. Instead of a completely glamorous and affluent collection, Hermès presented elegant practical outfits. Making a great look to wear from 9-to-5, this week’s ensemble mixes formal, outdoor, and urban fun. Earthy toned trousers ($60) with a deep brown belt ($70) carry the formality of the outfit. They’re paired with green gloves ($115) and ankle boots ($160) that add color and an unexpected stylish bit to the outfit. To make it less uptight, add the outdoorsy style quilted coat ($275) in a lighter shade of brown or in olive green. The leather blouse ($580) contributes depth to the outfit that already has outdoor, formal, and statement items: urban style. This combination of styles in one practical and totally wearable ensemble is the outcome of the “whispered sophistication” which Hermès aimed for—even with complex combinations, the look is not extravagant, and has a degree of versatility. The green gloves and other accessories can easily be paired with different items from your usual wardrobe to incorporate character and elegance.

Splurge: There are no better accessories to splurge on than those that you need to carry daily. As a professional, you likely spend a fair amount of time choosing the right business card to introduce yourself, your business, and your contact information. As you know, any occasion is an opportunity to network. For that reason, you need a proper business card holder to keep your business cards organized (instead of everywhere in your bag) that matches the professionalism and care you’re trying to communicate. If you have a modern style, this one by Piquadro ($90) is a good, as well as practical, option—it carries not only your business cards but also your coins. A more traditional business card holder is this one by T. Anthony ($65). The envelope style holder is stylish and can be engraved to make it even more sophisticated. However, if you prefer something more glitzy, this holder by Mark Cross ($225) in metallic gold is what you’re looking for.

Hermès’s outfit revealed a wonderful balance of styles that show how workwear can be original and creative without being too edgy. The “whispered sophistication” introduced by Hermès is something we all can incorporate into our personal styles. Everyday garments and accessories can have a complexity to them that adds texture, color, prints, or another concept to a look to make it slightly different from what we usually see in the mirror. The whispers can come from accessories like business card holders (in hip colors and shapes) that make the outfit more exciting while remaining practical.