Fashionista: Casual Cool by Giamba

Giamba Ready-to-Wear 2018 Fall

Giamba Ready-to-Wear 2018 Fall

Casual clothing can be boring if you’re not careful, especially when you have to wear them often for work or leisure. This week’s Runway Report will help you copy an outfit that not only looks great as it is but will show you how some garments can become even more exciting with a different texture or print. In the Splurge section, three pieces to assist you in creating a stylish Thanksgiving look. 

Runway Report: Giambattista Valli’s fall collection aimed to be practical and dynamic. The dynamism came from garments that are easy to combine but add something unusual to the look. Like this look: instead of just wearing an aviator leather jacket with a visible zipper, make it a little more out-of-the-box with a jacket without zippers and with pockets that remind us of a shirt. Still a leather jacket ($495), but less street style and more workwear. The pants are black, classic, but with an attitude: leather looking pants ($120). Combine with a white turtle neck ($35) and hoop earrings in gold ($200). To finish this unapologetically uncomplicated stylish outfit, pick an animal print mid-calf boots ($195) that will add complexity: balancing the print with textures from the jacket and pants will be a pleasant puzzle on the eyes. Now you have casual workwear with items that you can incorporate into different ensembles and have an outcome that has a personal signature.

Splurge: It’s Thanksgiving week and we all have something prepared for the turkey feast. Relaxing with family, fun at Friendsgiving, or trying to impress the parents of your partner: your Thanksgiving outfit must be on point. Thanksgiving is a casual holiday, and if you’re spending it with your relatives, you probably prefer something relaxing to wear. To make your look more fashionable while remaining comfortable, opt for a long skirt by Golden Goose ($850) in orange tones and wool and cashmere fabrics. Although, if you’re heading to meet the parents of your partner, you need clothing that keeps you confident and expressed your personality. To achieve that, this knit jumper by DAKS ($350) has a muted color to make you shine and shoulder ruffles to add a little character to your sweater. For a Friendsgiving outfit, nothing is better than a garment that’s fun, modern, and casual. This bib dress by Acne ($480) will check all the fashion boxes.

Casual and practical looks can all seem the same and lacking in fashion statements. As all fashionistas know the easiest way to compose a look is having a statement item that is the climax of your outfit, and designing the rest of your look around it. With Giamba’s ensemble, we understand how rather simple items can be spiced up. Textures, fabrics, and prints (even opting for a different way to wear a jacket), can transform your look from “cookie-cutter” to stylishly cool. Casual-wear can be attention-grabbing and help you combine pieces to invent a holiday ready outfit. Choosing one garment from the splurge section can be the creative push you’ve been looking for to put together an outfit that is comfortable and cozy, but still represents your style. Have fun!