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Carven Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Carven Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Style and function aren’t always compatible, but for the fashion-forward woman who still hopes to combine both, sometimes it helps to take inspiration from traditional styles that were designed to combat the cold. In the Runway Report, Carven gives us some unique twists on a traditional look. In the Splurge section, an accessory that has proven itself as more than a fad, elevating itself to a fashion statement.

Runway Report: Carven’s outfit uses classic materials such as wool, fur, leather and some slightly rugged details to suggest the influence of the British Isles. Countries such as England, Scotland, and Ireland have long had to develop clothing to combat the cold and the rain, and we can use their wisdom to guide our fall wardrobe. To copy this look, go for a plain white button down ($50) paired with a side-buttoned wool mid-length skirt ($200). White wool cable-knit socks ($40) and fur-detailed flats ($60) or moccasins will make sure that you stay warm. The difficulty with this look is to avoid the Catholic school-uniform vibe: the key is in the accessories. Complete the look with a braided leather belt ($35) in a color that matches your classic leather briefcase ($300). Finally, for those looking to add a little runway flair to their look, use a pin or brooch ($200) at the collar to make the look your own.

Splurge: What started as an eighties and nineties revival became a fall trend and has been spotted at numerous spring/summer 2019 collections: running sneakers or, as some ironically call it, “ugly sneakers.” A little unfair with the item, this type of running shoes isn’t “ugly,” but rather a nostalgic item that returned from the edgy 80s to be incorporated into the most diverse outfits. From dresses to casual looks and even with blazer and trousers, this tendency is a good accessory to complement a look that you think could use a little fun or simply add a tad of personality to formal looks. If you’re still wondering if this isn’t only a fad that will soon be forgotten, check out the runway reviews for 2019. You’ll find out that many brands welcomed the running sneakers into different styles. And, we can always use a little comfort allied with fashion. To splurge on, you can opt for a 90s inspired design by Li Ning ($200), an oversized sneaker by Balenciaga ($895), or a white and undulated version by Fendi ($950). 

Warm and comfortable sometimes don’t come to mind as the primary aspects of a good ensemble. However, if we cannot just look, but also feel good, why not take advantage of items that are equally fashionable and comfy? Carven showed how to use a classic look and add a few details to make it your own. On the splurge section we saw that personality and style can all be represented in one single item: sneakers. Taking the traditional style to the streets can mean incorporating accessories that have your signature like a braided belt or fur flats, the same way, blazer and trousers can be completely transformed when combined with running shoes. Even if your garments are considered too classic, traditional, or extravagant, and even “ugly,” the craft of fashion is complementing the look with your attitude – you’ll certainly be the fairy godmother some items need to shine.