Fashionista: Effortless Statement With Escada

Escada Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Escada Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Colors and textures are good elements to have in your wardrobe to transform your looks into stylish outfits without too much hassle. To inspire you, this week’s Runway Report has an outfit that is not only office-ready but brings life into your winter wardrobe. In the Splurge section you’ll find three items that will improve your outfits with different textures like vinyl and velvet, turning your ensemble instantly fashionable even when combined with basic garments.

Runway Report:  Winter time is a season when black is often dominant in our outfits. To break this rule, Escada’s look inspires us to try color blocking with a more vivid color. Instead of relying on textures or prints, Escada’s garments are focused on a bright and vibrant, Scarlet red. As a workwear outfit, this look will breathe life to your style and give you items that can easily be incorporated into different outfits to give you fashion options when winter clothes start to feel boring. Red blazer ($100) with red skirt ($15) and also a red leather tote bag ($280) will compose this color-blocking outfit. To finish it up, classic black boots ($130) and golden heart-shaped earrings ($25) to add a little fun to the composition. Following the color blocking tendency of the look, add red lipstick and a red smartphone case ($35) as an additional accessory to complement the outfit.

Splurge: Some garments have an extra effect that can transform your everyday outfits. An interesting texture in regular trousers are enough to give a new perspective to your style. Classic items like a white shirt and black boots, for example, are one of the best combinations for these statement pieces when you don’t want to commit to a look full of textures, prints, and colors that require more attention to balance out. To splurge on a fashionable item with a comfortable texture, opt for these velvet trousers in turtledove by Max Mara ($230). If tailored garments are more your style, try these Roberto Cavalli’s floral jacquard trousers ($650). But, if modern textures like vinyl sound more interesting, these Valentino’s ($550) are a must-have in your wardrobe to make any look instantly fashionable.

Workwear can seem like a repetition of the same items after a while. However, if you add a few colors, textures, prints, or unusual accessories into the equation, your everyday outfits can gain a new personality. A scarlet red blazer set, vinyl trousers, and a matching smartphone case can be the items you’re looking for to combine pieces that will express your style from 9-5.