Fashionista: A Red Faux Fur Winter With Alice & Olivia

Alice & Olivia Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Alice & Olivia Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Alice & Olivia’s fall collection is a great example of how you can combine bold items to create an outfit that reveals your personality: unapologetically bold personality. Vivacious and full of character, this week’s Runway Report’s look mixes red faux fur, leopard, and chalk-like jeans in one big statement on how to produce street style ensembles that will make you stand out from the crowd. In the Splurge section, three non-sequin dresses to celebrate the New Year in: red, one-shoulder, and sparkly jersey variations.  

Runway Report: Celebrating color and maximalism, Alice & Olivia’s Fall collection was is an ode to feminine subtle fashion rebellions. Daring styles with a rock’ n’ roll attitude helped shape this collection full of leather, velvet, faux fur textures, leopard prints, and pops of red, yellow, and blue. This week’s look is an example of this mix of fashion concepts: red faux fur coat ($150), red leopard top ($35), and chalk-like skinny jeans ($350). With leopard prints and red faux fur, this street style outfit is for those with a more provocative style. However, the items by themselves can add a little flair to your everyday looks. This red faux fur alone will give your outfit an instant Hollywood glamour during cold nights: combine it with a knit sweater or even just a jeans-and-t-shirt look. To finish this ensemble, aviator sunglasses ($20) and black pointed boots ($460) to keep the accessories in tune with the outfit: bold.

Splurge: The year is ending and we all need stunning outfits to welcome 2019 during New Year’s Eve parties. Remember, if you want something other than sequin garments (to make you shine without all of the over-the-top sparkles), you sure have options to splurge on. For example, this one-shoulder sparkly jersey by Hugo Boss ($400) will add an interesting sparkling effect to your look in a different texture than sequin, softer and more comfortable than sequin. But if sparkles don’t speak your language, this modern, and chic midi dress by Cushnie ($930) in sleek white has a little twist with gorgeous fringes that adds movement to the piece. However, to splurge on a dress that will be perfect in different situations along the new year, and combine the exuberant red color with the cape dress trend, this satin dress by Valentino ($2,900) will surely be the best outfit to start 2019 in your best shape.

“Making it interesting” and “making it your own” are the motifs you should keep in mind when composing your these new looks. If your office requires you to wear sober or traditional attire, you’ll always have weekends and leisure time to rock that red faux fur and red leopard outfit. Following your style, sometimes you don’t want to look like everyone else during a party or occasion. If sequin dresses are a bit overused during New Year’s, wear that bright red cape dress that will not only make sense with your style but also help you make an elegant entrance into 2019. Happy New (Fashion) Year!