Style Of The Stars: KiKi Layne, Vibrantly Classy


KiKi Layne, the star of the already critically acclaimed If Beale Street Could Talk—a film based on the 1974 novel by James Baldwin, Beale Street—is captivating our attention not only for her acting skills but also as for her remarkable presence on red carpets. Her stunning beauty and regal personality are always adorned with a more neutral make-up, with shades of bronze, and a more playful approach to hairstyles. Her style is modern and feminine with an inclination for a looser silhouette. From turtleneck dresses to Gucci ball gowns, Layne mostly dresses in colorful and eye-catching outfits.

Layne’s style is of a modern royalty that mixes modern ideas like mini dresses and sneakers with extremely luxurious (and elegant) outfits like golden blazers that are not only for red carpets. However, her red carpet ensembles are worth copying when the right occasion appears the right occasion and you need a long, stunning dress to wear. In pink, and slit, this dress by Gucci is a good example of Layne’s gleeful style with a touch of sexiness. A casual hairstyle, and accessories such as earrings and necklaces, and neutral make-up leave the attention on the dress that not only is a statement per se, but also blends perfectly with Layne’s glowing skin. Also, in a shade of pink, but now with more movement, this Valentino look is chic but with a fun side. The color, the and shape—with the front a little shorter revealing the heels, also in pink—creates a color blocking look (dress and shoes) that can be finished with pink lips and a sparkling necklace. With a height of 5’9” Layne wisely opted for a necklace or long earrings when wearing strapless dresses to fill in the “empty” space: if you’re tall, the “empty” space created between the edge of your dress and neck can seem too long and not well-balanced.

Feminine and delicate have space in her style as well. In With pastel pink and butterflies, this Gucci dress is a fairy queen ready look. In the same tone, another this Gucci dress has a whimsical yet more fun than delicate style with a sequined bodice and pink ruffles. But Layne’s street style also presents inspiration-worthy outfits. In muted rose, this shirt dress, long boots and clutch outfit is the perfect combination of a young formal look for a more sophisticated night-out. She also rocks blazers, not being afraid of going a little over-the-top with the glam of wearing it them in gold and sparkling green. In gold, or a green and purple shirt, she compliments her style with the appropriate hairstyle: a long braid for a more exuberant style, or a top-knot with bangs for a seriously young touch. Always giving some of her personality—or mood—to the outfits she wears, Layne’s style is delightfully sophisticated. Passionate about color, Layne isn’t afraid of a pop of color when wearing something stylish like textured trousers and lace-up boots, like this outfit in orange and oversized sleeves. But, if something more sober is closer to your style, what about a classic and sexy over-the-knee boots, black mini skirt, and maroon top?

To copy some of Layne’s outfits, you can start with the shirt dress ($30) and pair it up with long boots like Layne, for an evening look, or sneakers, for a more casual everyday style. For an elegant and sparkling option, opt for the green blazer ($800) with a purple shirt ($130) combination. However, if you prefer to splurge on the same garment worn by Layne, this lurex dress by Gucci ($6,500) will make you Layne’s clothing twin – incorporate it into your style outfit with heels or even trousers for a less revealing look.

Layne’s style is a mix of modern garments and feminine looks all covered in her young personality: unafraid of being playful in the details. Asymmetrical shapes, vibrant colors, and accessories that bring a different concept to the her look take her outfits to a the next level – she does not look like everybody else when walking the red carpets. This type of signature items and ideas is what we all can “steal” from Layne’s style: know what you like and use it. Combining different styles and items can be the solution to make an outfit you saw on Instagram or the red carpet your own.