Fashionista: Glistening Winter Party With Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

As you prepare for the holiday break, your calendar will probably fills with invitations to office, friends, and family parties. The season of elegance and glamour doesn’t allow you to wear just anything;: you need to stand out from a crowd of black dresses. To help you, this week’s Runway Report brings a look that is not only worth copying, but will also become your new winter favorite. On this same attention-getter topic, in the Splurge section, you’ll find three accessories that never fall out of fashion.

Runway Report: Tomas Maier’s inspiration for fall 2018 is the “brave New Yorker who gets out there and is not afraid to make a statement and stand out against the big crowd.” Even when opting for a black outfit, Maier delivers a look that is not only a crowd pleaser but also will help you be get noticed at any party. Sequin and velvet are two wonderful textures to produce an exquisite effect for your not-that-edgy garment. Following this thought, Maier’s winter party outfit is uncomplicated yet glamorous. Sequin dress ($70), black boots ($100), handbag ($180), and, the grand finale: golden eyewear ($345). The glasses here balance the sequin of the dress with a metallic component. All about sparkles and classy items, it this item will make you fall in love with the dazzling winter style Maier evoked in this ensemble. As we see in the model, finish your look with a brightly colored lipstick and you’re good to go.

Splurge: It’s December and winter is around the corner, which means gloves, heavy coats, and probably a good amount of neutral-colored garments. To bring the sparkle to your style, nothing is better than gemstone jewelry that will add that shiny glam and pop to contrast with neutral colors. If you agree that a blue box is the best gift, splurge on this yellow diamond pendant from Tiffany’s ($24,500). If you want a statement accessory, this 14K rose gold rhodolite garnet and diamond ring by Effy ($1,650) will be perfect. If multicolored is more attractive for your style, opt for this emerald and ruby bracelet from David Webb ($135,000).

In the most introspective season of the year, our style tones down and gives way to practicality and warmth. However, you can also find items to break this idea, like jewelry, sequined garments, and metallic accessories. Bringing the party to the long nights of December, you can create elegant and stylish looks that have personality. Next time you splurge on new items, don’t forget that colors should be welcomed into your winter wardrobe as a clever addition to any muted or neutral outfit. A black dress can be an exciting item if the correct texture is chosen, just as diamond jewelry can be fun to add the right amount of color.