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Alice+Olivia Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Alice+Olivia Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Style in the 70s and 80s was full of colors, prints, long hair, and rock ’n’ roll—a youthful and undaunted look. But when looking into the fashion from previous decades, sometimes we feel that it’s hard to incorporate the past into the present. However, a few imaginative and artsy minds can show us the power of inspiration and creativity. One woman with clever fashion ideas is Stacey Bendet, a designer for fashion house Alice + Olivia’s designer. In her 2018 ready-to-wear collection, she reintroduced the 70’s, with all its plurality and “peace and love” stylistic options, to the contemporary woman with a thirst for originality. Not afraid of her feminine energy, the woman that Bendet is speaking to through her attire is also bold, opinionated, and, most of all, visionary. In the Runway Report, you’ll find out how to translate this message into an outfit. In the Splurge section, we have a pair of jeans that become whatever you want them to be.

Runway Report: “I feel like we’re in this moment of just complete creative expression,” said Bendet as she addressed the inspiration behind her 2018 ready-to-wear collection. A creative contemporary woman with an edgy twist is the personification of Bendet’s vision. With a heavy 70’s aspect to her collection—floral prints and bold colors—Bendet elaborates that a fashion expression that can be romantic yet rock’n’roll. The woman that she wants to speak to is original, feminine, has a vintage fascination, and at the same time, she believes in the power of her imagination to leave her mark wherever she goes. In order to achieve this eruptive style, one of Bendet’s reinventions of the flower child is shown as a charming floral off-the-shoulder dress and hippie bug-eye sunglasses paired with cut-out heels instead of flats. The same woman that possesses a lovely smile behind mirrored glasses is the one with the power to create and inspire. With that in mind, by combining a floral off-the-shoulder dress ($55) with white cut-out heels ($35) you can attain a retro Janis Joplin look with an addendum of assertiveness that says: “not being afraid of the past, I transform the present.” Finish your look with these bug-eye sunglasses ($30) and a pair of gold drop earrings ($40) and you’re ready to rock the world.  

Splurge: In The Misfits, Marilyn Monroe proved that a tucked-in shirt and jeans can be just as sexy as a billowing white dress. However, to execute this look with elegance and youthfulness, it doesn’t matter if your style is more about buttoned white shirts or graphic tees. The trick is all in the jeans, actually—high-waisted jeans. This garment became indispensable in the 80’s, especially after the Guess campaigns that presented models in black and white pictures with a sexy aura. High-waisted jeans are perfect for any kind of body. If you’re petite, high-waisted jeans will give you the impression of long legs, while athletic women will “gain” curves instantly. With the right fitting, your high-waisted jeans can be your favorite item in every situation. A black pair of high-waisted jeans from Citizens of Humanity ($220) is welcoming to any style and combination. But you can also splurge on a pair of Mara Jeans from Tory Burch ($150) that, in mustard, are as bright as the summer can be. If you prefer to opt for the brand that made the high-waisted jeans famous, chose this 1981 Distressed High-Rise Skinny Jeans from Guess ($100). Pairing your jeans with a classic white shirt can be the right combination for work, then change into a sparkly top and you’re ready to hit the dance floor. You can also play with ornaments like belts and footwear. With a piece that allows you to display your personality, high-waisted jeans can be the canvas you need in order to dare.

Being able to transform inspiration into something individual and worthy of your signature is a talent. Skilled women know how to create their own outfits without fear of using what other stylish women used before them. In this spirit, a pair of bug-eye sunglasses or high-waisted jeans can be as modern as it is seductive. Pieces like off-the-shoulder dresses can represent a different attitude in different women, but the 70’s inspiration will always be there. Artsy and mighty women are among us, telling us to embrace the past without losing our original and creative side. Mixing heels with floral dresses can combine resilience and romanticism, while high-waisted jeans can present a variety of combinations. So many options that it is impossible not to find pleasure in reinventing yourself with every new look. The talented women that Stacey Bendet is speaking to are able to reinvent themselves and their style, creating the contemporary looks that they want to see.