Fashionista: Busting Out Bold Colors

Escada Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Escada Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Attending cocktail parties for business is necessary to network, but the dress code can cause a lot of stress. You want to leave a good impression and show your personality, and but also be professional. To help you with this fashion struggle, we seek advice from a brand that has worked to affordably dress sophisticated, go-getter women since 1978. In the splurge section, different versions of a trendy summer accessory will catch your eyes, and at least one will conquer your style.

Runway Report: Escada was created in 1978 with the idea of democratizing elite haute couture through affordable prices, without losing fabric quality and sophistication. Forty years have passed, and now Escada is known for targeting high-flying professional women. For their 2018 ready-to-wear spring collection, the brand not only presented their already-famous and impeccable business outfits. They did so by creating a more youthful approach to what it means to be a successful young woman: vivid colors. Don’t put on the black cocktail dress just yet. Escada presents polished dresses that are flawless for an event like this (and for the hottest season of the year). Leaving the modern touch to bold colors, a cocktail dress can be trendy without being inappropriate. A luminous orange petal dress ($80) is an example of how you can bring style and professionalism to the same party. Complete your look with silver sandals ($35) and brown sunglasses ($60).

Splurge: If you want to welcome bold hues into your style—or if you already fell in love with them—jewelry can be a good option. Earrings can elevate any neutral outfit, especially if they’re big enough to make a statement. Young women sometimes feel insecure about incorporating trends in their style, thinking it will be a sign of immaturity. On the contrary! Including trendy accessories with different looks can help you add stylish details to your go-to outfits. While you stay “in vogue,” you also prove that in-fashion accessories can be wearable: transforming fads into new classics. This summer, different designers introduced bold colored-tassel earrings into their collection to inspire us. Ranjana Khan designed her version of a hoop earring that looks like a tropical dream. These Katerina Makriyanni’s quartz and agate green earrings can save any outfit from being boring. However, you can also find fashionable tassel earrings in a more classic palette. For example, these two options in white, one from Alexis Bittar and another from Sachin & Babi, carry plenty of audacity in their design. Be adventurous and give these fashion trends a chance and you’ll forget all about the old stud days.

You can be an independent, corporate ladder-climbing professional and still manage to have a youthful yet elegant style. Sometimes all it takes is a pop of color or acceding to a fashion trend that matches your young and confident identity. Do not fear trying different things or creating your own style according to what you are: young and competent, never inexperienced. Adopting bold colors or tassel earrings can seem daring, but as someone that already conquered so much with her expertise, use your style to inspire others to dare and to trust the new.