Fashionista: An Americana Street Style

Cavil Klein Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Cavil Klein Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Calvin Klein is more than jeans now. Its new creative director, Raf Simons, has been inventing the new American style. Embracing art and Hollywood into his collections, he’s not afraid of going deep into American culture and its symbols to express the new American Calvin Klein identity. Warhol and “Western” references are some of the cultural symbols that Simons brings to his fashion. In the Runway Report, you’ll find out how to incorporate this New Americana into your style. The splurge section this week offers different options for a classic garment, so you can wear it to any occasion.

Runway Report: Simons is known for re-creating and transforming Calvin Klein. As a creative director controlling the women’s and men’s lines, jeans, underwear, home goods, and fragrances—as well as all aspects of advertising, marketing, and communications—he possesses a power only seen in the days Calvin Klein himself was the creative chief of the brand. Simons’ project is to locate fashion in a cultural conversation where fashion, art, and identity dialogue smoothly. In order to accomplish this, he imagined what he calls the “New Americana.” American art, symbols, and the cinema are present in his collections as part of this mythology that he’s inventing. Not afraid of exploring the American culture, in 2018 his Spring collection was inspired by the Hollywood horror genre and what the brand explained as horror’s depictions of both an American nightmare and the all-powerful American dream. But if the horror genre was where Simons got his inspiration from, what we actually saw on the runway was a variety of clothing pieces from Hollywoodian archetypes, like cowboys and cheerleaders, for example, originating interesting street style options. The outfit of the week, inspired by Simons’ creations, combines the “Western” influence of the leather ankle-length skirt ($60) with a Warholian scene on the graphic tank top ($40), to a perfect artistic touch à la Americana, and a traditional pump that matches the skirt color ($33). The bag is the pop of color in the look that ties the outfit to the theme Simons was proposing for the collection: the horror genre. A blood-red colored bag ($150) is what’s missing to complete a Simons’ inspired apparatus.

Splurge: A development of the nautical reefer jacket, a blazer has the magic touch to upgrade almost any attire. From a 9-5 job to weekends and nights out, a blazer can be just what you need to express your classy nature. But if you want to splurge on a new blazer, there are some ideas that you should consider to make the best of this classic. A tux blazer like this one from Laveer ($515) is well paired with skinny trousers, but you can also wear it with a flowy skirt to invite summer tones and feelings to your clothing. Pastel colors are youthful and a must-have in your blazer selection. Wear this pastel garment from Emporio Armani ($840) with classic blue or white shirts, and leave the vibrant colors or prints to your accessories, and you can compose a lavish feminine look. This Versace white blazer ($1,140) is the perfect match for summer days and nights. A beautiful and crisp white attire is down-to-earth yet confident; wear it on top of a print dress and you’ll have the perfect blend of personality and elegance. But if you enjoy a little more character in your blazers, choose a printed version from Alice + Olivia ($495). A printed blazer is well worn with tailored trousers or, for a more casual style, mix it with jeans or shorts.

Simons’ Hollywoodian sources for what is American is not a new idea in fashion, but it is clever enough to incorporate old symbols, giving them a new meaning in terms of fashion. An ankle-length leather skirt with a Warhol graphic tank top can be modern yet recognizable and elegant. The art of combination is what makes it possible for an outfit to shine. A blazer, when worn with jeans, shorts or flowy skirts can be the mix-and-match necessary to re-signify a classic. Our style comes from our culture, the films we watch, the art we appreciate, and the inspirations we gather and transform into one coherent expression of our world.