Fashionista: A Break At The Island

Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Vacation is synonymous with relaxing days, but while some dream of hot cocoa and fireplaces, others’ perfect getaway involves sunny days at the seaside. If you said yes to that second alternative, your break could be nothing less than a visit to Ralph Lauren’s house in the Caribbean Sea. Lauren’s love for beach-like paradises motivated him to create an entire fashion show that explores the spirit of a sumptuous vacation to Jamaica. In this week’s Runway Report we’ll present a look that is inspired by Ralph Lauren’s invitation to a break at the island. In the splurge section, we have a sexy and iconic accessory that has been complementing stylish personalities since the 1950’s.

Runway Report: Ralph Lauren’s inspiration for his 2018 Spring Fashion Show came from the landscapes of Jamaica. “Everyone wishes for a magical place where they can step out of time and into the beauty of nature. I wanted to share the mood, the light, the blue and white freshness of my retreat in Jamaica,” said Lauren. Inspired by long days at the beach, Ralph Lauren presented garments in white both graceful and luxurious, like this all-white V-Wire cut-out jumpsuit; timeless, this piece is a translation of the elegant beach mood that Lauren is evoking. To reproduce this look, combine this Strapless V-Wire Jumpsuit from Forever 21 ($45) with platform sandals in either wedge ($40) or lace-up wedge ($55)—because platforms are the perfect match to complement a coastal outfit. As a final touch, opt for dangling silver leaf earrings ($20) to prove that details are the Summer’s soul.

Splurge: In the 1950’s an icon made its entrance into the fashion world. The socialite Altina Schinasi brought sassiness to a once simply-utilitarian accessory: glasses. Known as “Harlequin” at the time, the design we recognize today as “cat-eye” was made with the female face in mind. Its upswept shape creates a feline aspect that accents the bold personality of whoever wears it. From Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightley and Rihanna, the cat-eye is more than eyewear—it’s a fashion statement that has the design to adorn different face shapes. If you wear reading glasses and your style is better described as sexy and confident, you’ll perfectly match with this Versace 3244 reading glasses frame ($125). If you would rather have something that makes a statement with a slightly squared frame, you might prefer the Gucci GG0060O ($625). But if you want to rock the cat-eye style while wearing sunglasses, a black cat-eye like this Stella McCartney SC0067S ($360) is a must-have. A more vintage look can be found in this Saint Laurent New Wave 213 Lily ($350). 

Spending some days out-of-the-office is essential to recharge. “A break at the island” can be the inspiration you need to opt for an elegant all-white jumpsuit at your next beach escape. Elevated by a powerful presence, a white jumpsuit combines naturally with a strong personality. With silver leaf earrings and platforms, this Ralph Lauren inspired outfit suggests that beach days can be relaxing and sophisticated. Strong personalities are known for being fearless and iconic. Married with the nuances of a powerful woman, cat-eye glasses—an accessory that not only changed the history of fashion but also has maintained its place among the trends for over 60 years—are worth the splurge. With various reinterpretations, the cat-eye frame is always provocative without losing a retro look that is both feminine and sensual.