Fashionista: Late-Summer Style With Earthy Tones By Bally

Bally Spring/Summer 2019

Bally Spring/Summer 2019

August is the last month of summer, and it’s time to think about the deep hues of autumn and dressing properly during this in-between season. In the Runway Report you’ll find a Bally outfit that brings together the colors of autumn and warmer pieces, all while saving you from overdressing during warmer days. Continuing the trend of versatile pieces, in the Splurge section you’ll find the footwear that started as menswear, but is now an indispensable part of a feminine style that cares about marrying comfort with formality.

Runway Report: As we prepare to transition from summer to fall, choosing what to wear becomes difficult. In Bally’s spring collection we find interesting alternatives for this shift in climate. When it’s chilly enough to look for a pair of boots but not cold enough to put on your gloves, Bally shows us in this look how to dress tastefully while maintaining comfort. Choose earthy tones to welcome the first signs of autumn; mix a cozy chocolate turtleneck shirt ($30) with green high boots in heels ($75) to bring a dressed-up tone to the outfit, and finish it up with a warm beige hoodie ($18) and muted yellow runner shorts ($18). The accessories are silver hoop earrings ($28) and a beige tote bag ($46) that complement this stylish and casual look. The mix of earthy tones from fall and volume limited to one part of the body—commonly seen during summer—make this outfit a perfect strategy to outsmart the capricious weather changes.

Splurge: Speaking about pieces that can stay with you during different seasons, some shoes have the ability to flow between outfits. The classic Oxford is one of those footwear options that can easily be worn with a dress or with a heavy coat. Popularized by Oxford University students around 1825, the “half boot” gained the moniker “the Oxonian shoe.” Borrowed from menswear, this piece adds a formal nuance to any outfit. Completely incorporated by stylish women throughout the years, you can find different types of Oxfords that better fit into your style. Without laces, this Emma d'Orsay Oxford from Nisolo ($190) can be neutral enough to wear to different occasions without lacking in personality and comfort. Under the same one-oxford-for-all category you may prefer a more traditional lacing like these Zizi Oxfords brogues by Repetto ($220). However, if you want something with a little more attitude, you can choose this Roelo derby style by Clergerie ($290) with metallic details that are an impeccable example of traditional-meets-contemporary style. But, if you’re looking for an Oxford to make a statement without losing its versatile characteristic, opt for this Sabatina Oxford by Mephisto ($370) in wine red.

Shorts and knee-high boots in earthy tones can be translated into different looks during the transition from summer to fall. Versatility is a must-have when discussing what pieces to have that can be easily incorporated in different outfits and even seasons. But being adaptable and adding a stylish distinction to your look is something that Oxford shoes master. While waiting to wear your beautiful coats and sweaters, enjoy this almost-autumn period to explore your fashion options.