Style Of The Stars: Alicia Vikander, Naturally Radiant


Alicia Vikander became recognized worldwide for her parts in films like Anna Karenina (2012), The Danish Girl (2015) and most recently Tomb Raider (2018). But it’s not just on the big screen that Vikander reveals her talent: her style also grasps our attention, playing upon her natural beauty and delicacy. Neither overly girly or lacking timelessness, Vikander’s style is sophisticated with a tad of the bohemian, resulting in outfits that leave us wanting to master fashion as she does. She prefers a more natural approach to beauty; even on the red carpet, we see Vikander with neutral makeup. Her almost bare-faced look has beautiful eyelashes and eyeliner framing her warm brown eyes. She also goes natural with her hair. If not simply worn down in loose waves, her hairstyles are a variety of updos: slicked back, twisted, or messy. All these neutral choices Vikander makes allows for her natural beauty, and her outfits, to shine.

Her style could be called minimalist because of her preferences for sleek tailoring and neutral colors. However, you shouldn’t think “boring.” Vikander knows well how to mix these pieces with prints, sheer, and ruffles, for example. Most of her looks are in classic and modest designs, which lends her looks a more minimal approach, though not necessarily monochromatic or lacking in sensuality. While known for wearing Louis Vuitton repeatedly on the red carpet, she was also radiant in a strapless gown by Erdem. The floral gown in hues of green and pink was elegant and sexy, and you can notice that Vikander didn’t wear any kind of accessories with this gown. That’s a good example of Vikander’s fashion personality: minimal, classic, and delicate. If worn with a maxi necklace or sparkling earrings, this look could be considered impactful, but instead, Vikander chooses to impact with her beauty. Every time we see her on the red carpet, we’re not led towards the pieces she’s using (even when they are astounding), but rather our eyes flow from her wonderful ensembles and back to Vikander. Sometimes red carpet outfits end up hiding the woman instead of highlighting her.

If, like Vikander, you want to look gorgeous in a more natural way, you should learn how to use colors in your favor. Not only makeup but also in fashion—some colors can make your eyes pop and your skin look like you finally tanned to the perfect shade. Vikander has warm tones in her eyes, hair, and skin, meaning that her bright brown eyes and hair, and warm (olive tone) skin appear better in warm-temperature colors. When dressed in tones that are closer to a yellowish appearance, she has an effortless way to look good without relying on makeup to balance out an unwanted pale looking skin or dark circles. Browns, for example, look gorgeous on her. When Vikander wore this tie-dyed floaty dress, she was glowing without heavy coats of highlighter. Vikander was also lovely in this yellow dress that complemented her dark brown hair, making it shimmer. Even though Vikander is not afraid of prints and colors, she definitely knows what colors are better for her skin tone. For her makeup, she sticks with gold and bronze, for example. When opting for a minimalistic natural style, find what colors turn your features into the focal point of your look.

Vikander is classic in her approach to accessories. She never wears pieces that overpower her outfits. If she’s wearing a drop earring, it interacts with her clothing—both being the same color, for example. Vikander is that kind of beauty and style we like to call classic. Most of what she wears is timeless because the items flatter her body and beauty in an elegant silhouette. Being a trained ballet dancer and having put on muscle to play Tomb Raider, Vikander’s body is slim and athletic. Waisted, fitted pieces are her go-to fitting. When wearing tailored clothes, she prefers high-waisted trousers and skirts or adds a thin belt to achieve an hourglass silhouette.

Her street style is heavily composed of tailored pieces in neutral colors. Most of the bags you’ll see Vikander carrying will be Louis Vuitton (she’s the muse for Vuitton’s Cruise campaign 2018). Her accessories are also mostly seen in neutral colors. A black outfit with a camel-and-black handbag and camel shoes perfectly describes how Vikander dresses for her everyday. Worthy of inspiration, this minimalistic street style is sophisticated and cool. Hardly ever spotted in short dresses or bold colors, when she wears pumpkin trousers, she does so with a crisp white sweater and shoes. Neutrals are perfect to be paired with bold hues. However, when doing it, don’t go heavy on the accessories—you already have contrast in your outfit and a pop of color. If you want your outfit to remain casual, don’t add more information in your bag, bracelets, earrings, or even makeup. To copy Vikander’s outfit, choose orange trousers ($140), a white sweater ($95) and shoes ($80), and a Louis Vuitton bag ($2,460).  

Vikander is often mentioned as one of the best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet, and as having an inspiration-worthy style. Indeed, Vikander has, undoubtedly, a chic style. Unlike the Hollywood idea that comes to mind when thinking about red carpets, Vikander is one of the few that can be described as naturally gorgeous. Her natural style alone reminds us that she’s a confident woman. But she also reminds us that fashion can be minimalistic and interesting. If her street style is full of neutrals, she reserves her bohemian side for the red carpet and presents feminine dresses that are both glamorous and elegant.