Fashionista: Mixing And Matching With Belstaff

Belstaff Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018

Belstaff Ready-to-Wear Spring 2018

Some days all we wish for is a new closet, especially when the seasons are changing. But we forget that style is not only about knowing how to shop, but also learning how to use your pieces to create your style. Some items, when combined with unexpected pieces, can result in a fashionable outfit. Activewear and traditional pieces in plaid print can have a beautiful encounter for a street-style outfit. Inspired by Belstaff, this week’s Runway Report is all about knowing how to mix different items. In the Splurge section, you’ll find a timeless accessory capable of upgrading an outfit from monotone to glamorous, from basic to stylish.

Runway Report: Belstaff is known for its motorcycle jackets; mixed outfits are its motto. A simple juxtaposition of two different styles can transform your wardrobe into fashion possibilities practical for your everyday routine, and also effortlessly stylish. The combo of a plaid blazer and skirt is a classic pairing, but because of its traditional style, sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box and create something new with these more classic pieces. All you need is a fresh start: how can I combine classic prints and a serious silhouette with pieces that will give more street style and personality to my look? Following Belstaff’s guide, the plaid blazer ($37) and skirt ($20) can be paired with a black hoodie sweatshirt ($15) and lace-up boots ($30). Before, all these pieces seemed to belong to different worlds: I like to go for a run (or watch movies) in my hoodies, the plaid blazer and skirt are always an option when I want to look classic, and the black boots, even as a must-have in footwear, probably wouldn’t be my first option with a plaid skirt or a hoodie. However, the final look is a neutral and fashionable outfit with plenty of character and modern tones.

Splurge: Some accessories are timeless: they have the ability to construct the style we want with a simple addition. Chic, sophisticated, and a twist that can make you stand out even while wearing something basic—scarves have this magical touch. You probably love your cozy scarves that keep you warm during the winter, but I’m talking about those small scarves that you wrap around your neck, sometimes in silk, and that never goes out of style. If you’re thinking about Hollywood divas in convertibles wearing this kind of scarf, you’re thinking right. This accessory has the power to diva-up your shirt-and-jeans outfit. The square scarves aren’t big and bulky, making them perfect for days that are still a little warm. With two classic tie options, Parisian and Napoleon styles, you can add an elegant accessory without needing to learn a new skill. A silk floral scarf like this by St. Piece ($115) is classic, feminine, and a pop of color. Also square, now in Italian silk, this Christian Lacroix with a graffiti print ($135) is urban and perfect to complete your street style. There’s also the rectangular options, that give you a little more protection during those crisp fall mornings. With more tie variations, rectangular scarves can be used in a traditional double wrap or loop-n-through, or more adventurous wraps like the fashion knot. A beautiful rectangular scarf in black and white can be combined with almost any piece you have, like this floral by Givenchy ($200). And, if you want a sophisticated and charming scarf to transform any outfit from casual to formal, invest in a slim rectangular scarf in silk like this Gucci ($210) and use the bow tie knot.

Knowing how to mix pieces and giving a new look to old items is an art every fashion lover likes to explore. If your wardrobe is more than a description of your style, if it’s a system that has plural possibilities to express the multidimensional woman that you are, learning how to compose attractive outfits is a lovely adventure. Not only clothes, but the right accessories can have what it takes to reveal different looks and styles without needing a brand new closet. Creating outfits doesn’t need to be difficult, sometimes all it requires is a little experimentation.