Fashionista: Exploring An Urbanite Nature

Max Mara Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Max Mara Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

We often tailor our style to our environment. In the city, urban cues are adapted into our attire: not only for fashion inspiration but also for pragmatic reasons. But if we spend some time in a bucolic scenario (long walks in the garden, for example) that floral energy can end up overflowing into our clothing choices. If the environment gives us new alternatives to explore with our style, our nature is the way that message is delivered. Floral is known for being delicate, but when encountering an urbanite in a rush, it can become bold, almost edgy. With this image, in the runway report, you’ll find a Max Mara outfit that carries the power of floral. In the splurge section, we have an item that originated as an alternative in high temperatures; it’s practical and elegant enough to be worth the splurge.

Runway Report: Floral prints always add a delicate tone to any look, but when you wear them from head to toe, what was delicate becomes powerful and bold. If you want to explore an audacious outfit, be inspired by this forward combination by Max Mara. With the quote “Work with, not against, nature” in mind, Ian Griffiths, creative director at Max Mara, invented attire for the sophisticated urbanite woman. This button up shirt ($80), these pants ($13), and these heels ($62) are all in florals worthy of the delicacy of porcelain, but when worn all at once have enough attitude to represent a woman with a self-assured personality. The coat, with slightly larger floral prints, is a highlight for the sense of groundedness that nature can teach us, according to Griffiths. Choose a crossbody messenger bag ($13) to complement these garments. To follow the theme Max Mara presented in its collection: work with your nature, not against it, even if it means transforming dainty into doughty.

Splurge: The origins of this item of the week are in the Island of Bermuda where, without textile options, the British Royal Navy officers would cut their pants on the bottom-half to get relief from the high temperatures. Bermuda shorts quickly became popular among women for their versatility. Also referred to as “long shorts,” this item was very popular in the 40’s and 90’s, but never completely out-of-fashion. With a variety of options from formal to fun, you can definitely find one that flatters your style. This pinon green from Vince ($175) is a blank canvas for your creativity. Mix it with a white shirt, blazer, and high heels; or, add some prints to your look to attain a less formal effect. Two classic options are these must-haves, a beige Salvatore Ferragamo ($347) and this white Neil Barrett ($288). Classic and elegant, these shorts will agree with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. However, if you prefer to incorporate color into your look, opt for this red Valentino ($238).

To combat the summer heat, skirts and dresses are not the only options. Bermuda shorts are the option you need for an adaptable and refined outfit during hot days in the city. In the same way, floral prints aren’t always as delicate as they sound. Adopted by women with an audacious style, they can have the same punch as bolder patterns like animal prints, for example. Attires and prints don’t carry only one message: they can always signify something different according to different styles. The sophisticated urbanite woman Griffiths had in mind is the same woman that knows that versatility is always indispensable. Fashion is about adaptation, and women know that one garment can have numerous possibilities that serve them in different moods.