Fashionista: Summer Spice With Hugo Boss

Hugo Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Hugo Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Sometimes all we want is to add a little spice to our everyday clothing. But finding the right proportion between revealing and covering can be risky when the occasion isn't after 11 pm. Inspired by Hugo, in the Runway Report this week you'll find a selected look that incorporates two of the most fashionable summer styles: sheer and bold hues. And, since the summer season is full of activities, from office hours to the beach and camping, this week's splurge suggestion is a garment that is as versatile as it can be stylish.

Runway Report: The well-known German fashion design firm Hugo Boss AG unveiled the Spring 2018 Ready-to-wear collection for its Hugo brand (the slightly hipper and slightly cheaper companion to the Boss brand). The Spring collection highlights sheer textures and a mix of neutral and primary colors. Hugo is taking traditional looks and boldening them just slightly with exaggerated cuts and patterned blue, red, and yellow pieces. Some of Hugo's sheer tops push the boundary of what might be considered "ready-to-wear" (unless your office's casual Fridays are really casual). However, the ensemble we are focusing on has a lot to recommend it. A sheer organza blouse ($165) (with just the right amount of sheer) can really show your confident side, without being too revealing. Accentuating the length of a blazer ($34) or playing with subtle patterns, the same color as the jacket, is another way to spice up office-wear into a look that can transition to a night out. Combine the blazer with yellow bermuda shorts ($18) and you’ll have the perfect match. Be careful not to go overboard with accessories on this look, a skinny black choker ($7) is enough; finish the outfit with a subtle strapped flat ($35) and a neutral clutch ($98) to let your bold colors and sheer fabrics do the talking for you, without saying too much.

Splurge: Summer is here, and for many women that means taking a break from work to enjoy a cookout or go camping. However, just because you need an outfit that is durable enough to withstand the outdoors doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your style! For those outdoor summer occasions, consider a denim shirt. Denim is strong enough to stand up to the heat, and a well-cut denim top will never go out of style. The emphasis here is on “well-cut”—without a proper fit, denim quickly loses its charm. However, if your top is too long or baggy, you can always roll up the sleeves and tuck it in for a more relaxed, but still fashionable, look. To splurge on a versatile denim shirt, consider this distressed indigo denim shirt from Frank & Eileen ($258) and this in a light wash denim with paint details and raw edges by AG ($228). However, if you prefer an urban style, you can opt for a denim shirt with details that give your style that extra touch. You can choose a denim shirt with a bow collar by Dsquared2 ($208) and a frill-trim by Alexa Chung ($200). Adaptable in a way only a few garments in your wardrobe can be, the denim shirt can go camping with you and also travel to the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the best pieces to mix with a denim shirt is a skirt: different looks for different occasions. A denim shirt with a midi colorful skirt gives you an outfit that is fun and an option for your casual shirt-and-skinny-jeans look. If you want an office-ready outfit pair the denim shirt with a leather jacket and black skirt and choose accessories that can give the mood you want for the day. And if you’re wondering if denim shirts are only acceptable in a more casual style, you can be casual and extremely elegant wearing this comfortable item. Take your denim shirt off of the hanger when heading to your next evening out. Combine it with a golden skirt and an embroidered jacket and you’ll have an outfit worthy of your “goddess of fashion” personality.

In the tent or heading to a meeting, your summer fashion options demand attires that can give you enough alternatives to make you feel good without giving up on style. Adding spice to a casual look can make you stand out from a crowd that sometimes doesn’t know that sheer can be wearable in daylight, or that all you need is a denim shirt with the perfect golden skirt to achieve an astounding look. Don’t fear the summer spice with its bold hues, transparency, and a must want cool comfort.