Fashionista: A Keen Eye For Workwear

Maki Oh Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Maki Oh Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Workwear can be challenging for your style. Wearing outfits that are fashionable and formal everyday can make the “fashionable” part of the equation suffer due to lack of inspiration. But, instead of making it complicated, Maki Oh proves that inspiration can be found way easier than you think. In the Runway Report, you’ll find out that you only need to look at your clothes from a different perspective. And in the Splurge section, your most important work item can carry enough personality without losing elegance.

Runway Report: Amaka Osakwe, Maki Oh’s designer, created a fall collection with one clever idea in mind: what a woman wears behind closed doors for fall. We all know when we can feel the first chill of fall, we want to wrap ourselves in cozy fabrics when we get home. If we’re being honest, we also want to feel snug when we have an entire day of work ahead of us. If the standard fall slipper-and-blanket combo seems too difficult to translate into a workwear outfit, this Maki Oh look will surprise you. Start with an oversized scarf ($15) that will emulate your blanket—wrap it along the side of your body to avoid your accessory getting in the way while you’re busy. Since this is a professional look, choose capri plaid straight trousers ($16) that are an effortless, elegant, and comfortable option, and combine it with a classic button-up shirt ($88) in a v-neck version, which is a little bit more casual but adds to the comfort. And to finish this “behind closed doors” inspired outfit, don’t forget the slippers. If these capri pants, v-neck shirt, and oversized scarf weren’t enough to convince you that it is possible to translate your pajamas and blanket “look” to the office, your slippers need to stay home, but you can replace it with a platform clog ($180), a clever shoe style that gives your feet a break from high heels and unbreathable shoes.

Splurge: Every day when we leave to work, we know that our bag is ready to go, and we trust it to carry everything we need and complete our stylish outfit. If you want a bag that checks all these requirements without losing sophistication, a briefcase is the item you should splurge on. The classic of all classics is the Italian leather, which you can find in a traditional brown-and-buckle style like this Alto Double Gusset Buckle briefcase ($520), and also in a more colorful version like this structured briefcase by L. A. P. A. ($900). If you prefer to personalize your briefcase, making it even more professional, opt for this double gusset by Pineider ($2,100). But if you want your traditional item with a modern twist, you’ll like this briefcase by Ropin West ($315).

Fashion is an art, and like any kind of art, inspiration comes from all types of sources. If fashion is makes you feel uncomfortable, makes you wish to have a different body, or is something you think is only wearable on the runway, you’re missing the point. Fashion needs to be fun, to help you reveal your personality, to make you feel confident, and to make you feel inspired. At the same time that we look around for style ideas, sometimes behind our doors we also have enough to invent fashionable outfits. We need to be our own muse—even when we’re wearing pajamas and slippers. Inspired by Maki Oh, that designed an outfit influenced by the coziness of a blanket, you can translate your favorite clothes into looks. Not only your clothes, but also your accessories can help you to stay stylish—even when you want, or need, to be formal. Formal doesn’t mean a “cookie cutter” kind of style, but instead knowing how to shop for interesting items that translate your personality. A briefcase can be a traditional item, but when it is in the right style and color, it will feel like it was made just for you.