Style Of The Stars: Felicity Jones, The Smashing Ballerina


Felicity Jones started her career young; at the age of 11 she was already seen on the series The Worst Witch as Ethel Hallow, a school Bully and Mildred Hubble’s rival. But it was years later that she would appear in movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016). In 2014 she was nominated for the Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA, and Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in The Theory of Everything. Jones has some serious acting chops and also a style worthy of our attention. Her favorite color to wear at the red carpet is black -- the sexy and potent color that will make you hardly look underdressed. Sometimes she uses contrasting colors with her black pieces, like whites and reds, or simply a timeless black dress. When she’s not wearing her signature color she’s seen in gorgeous sparkling dresses—mostly in silver or nude tones. But all these nude and black looks become outstanding in Jones because she balances them out with a Hollywood hourglass silhouette, transforming her style into powerful delicacy.

Jones can be a good example of a traditionally “ladylike” style. The style of duchesses and First Ladies, the ladylike style is characterized by waist-fitted silhouettes, knee-length skirts, sparkle and metallics for night wear, and the preference for red as a pop of color. Jones follows all these rules, ending up with beautiful red carpet looks that are classic, elegant, and very feminine. She’s clever for opting for a classic style, since her petite body and delicate facial features ask for a more elegant approach in order not to be overpowered by bolder fashion pieces. If, like Jones, you’re petite with classic features, the Hollywood style can compliment your body. Waist-fitted looks will not shorten your figure, and delicate shoes (heels or flats) that are open on the top of your feet allow the illusion of longer legs. Knee-length skirts that are feminine, maybe colorful, give the impression of flow between your upper and lower body, creating the classic hourglass shape.

This outfit is an example of how classic and delicate is a flattering combination for Jones. A flowy skirt in a waist-fitted dress in midi length can sound boring, almost juvenile, but not on Jones. She has enough delicacy to wear a dress like that and still look astonishing. The secret we can learn from Jones is to learn the best description of our look from the mirror. Take time looking at yourself in the mirror: your hair, eyes, chin, shoulders, along with the rest of your body. What are the adjectives that best suit you? Don’t be mean to yourself. We all have a strong presence, but sometimes our strength is delicacy and elegance, like a diplomat or a queen. Use this in your favor:, adapt your style to your body shape, skin tone, and your natural highlights. Jones, for example, can be beautiful in a powerful red dress, but a more neutral color makes her eyes brighter and seems to better express her sprightly personality.

Jones is often spotted on the red carpet wearing McQueen, Elie Saab, Balenciaga, and Christian Dior. Even having worn a variety of designers, Jones always comes back to her all-time favorite: black. “I’ve always loved wearing black on the red carpet. It’s the color I wore to my first-ever awards show, and it’s the one I always come back to. Black is like Audrey Hepburn: absolutely classic.” Hepburn, like Jones, was a petite woman and an adept of a ladylike style. Jones sticks with the classic sophistication of fashion. When describing her style, Jones often uses words like timeless, chic, Cinderella, and smashing. She knows what she’s talking about: mix Cinderella, sparkles, black, and Jones, and you’ll have a smashing rock ballerina. But, most importantly, she says that wearing black she feels like herself, and there’s nothing more “smashing” in terms of style than wearing something that allows you to feel like yourself. Overall, the 50’s tea-cups skirts, Hepburn elegance, and black seem to represent Jones and her personality pretty well.

If you’re wondering if Jones takes the classic style to the streets, she definitely does. This outfit, for example, is a good expression of a modern ladylike look. A white collar shirt ($50) with a fitted black coat ($60) worn like a dress are perfect for fall and winter seasons. Another Jones’s classic is the use of contrast. This black and white look is composed of a knee-length skirt ($10) and a black sweater. To smash in black at the party like Jones, chose a black dress with a little sparkle to it ($60). And remember, wear what makes you feel good and best suits your beauty.