Fashionista: Ge-wow-metrical


Patterns add depth and personality to your look. They also help you create beautiful outfits that are impeccably stylish for all occasions. In order to achieve your fashion goals, consider adding geometrical patterns to your style. They’re chic and help you create illusions, exploring your silhouette in the most flattering way. To inspire you, the Runway Report has the perfect outfit for you. The Splurge section shows an accessory that every go-getter woman should have, not only for fashion purposes, but also to help you accomplish all the goals you set for yourself during the day.

Runway Report: Stripes are the oldest cloth patterns, originated as a natural consequence of the color variability of woolen yarns. During the European Middle Ages, striped clothes were a sign of deviance and abasement, but have since become a statement of daring and boldness. Stripes have a long history in fashion, but nowadays this pattern is seen as audacious and elegant. The geometrical quality of stripes has the benefit of creating optical illusions—such as making you look slimmer or taller, for example, or simply adding depth to your look by creating contrast. All of these elements can be seen in Balmain’s outfit. The black-and-white contrast used vertically on the lower body is perfect to elongate your silhouette while the use of stripes in the upper part of the look creates a bold ensemble in clear lines and two neutral colors. To take this outfit home, you’ll need striped trousers with vertical black and white lines ($10) and a striped blouse with horizontal lines ($30). This way you’ll create a balance between lines that allows a contrast not only between colors (black and white), but also contrasting lines (vertical and horizontal) that will separate the upper from the lower part of your silhouette, giving a more natural look to the entire outfit. The accessories that better complement this look match the colors of the stripes, which will not add more information to a well-balanced look. Choose a black pump with pointed toes ($60) and a clutch also in black ($20) and you’ll have a stylish and elegant geometrical ensemble.

Splurge: Some pieces are signs of preeminence and a symbol of importance. Watches are the timeless item that every woman on the rush needs. If you think that your smartphone does the job just fine, I’d like you to rethink for a second: watches allow you to check the time with discretion; every person that wears a watch makes an impression that they care about punctuality and are responsible; and watches are the fashionable pieces you need to make your workwear shine. Most importantly, today you can find watches in all kinds of styles. If you prefer the classic analog, this Gucci in silver ($840) is just right for any occasion. But if you have a glowing personality and sparkles speak to you, don’t think twice about this gold-tone COACH ($600). As a busy woman, you probably also want to splurge on a watch that can help you stay on track with your messages, calorie count, and reminders. To do all of that in style, choose this Garmin watch ($200). If you prefer a sports-style watch that checks all your fitness must-haves, this FitBit Versa ($230) will be your best workout partner.

The modern woman knows how to wow the world: their style is nothing less than an extension of this glorious personality. From their look to their accessories, all the pieces come together as a flawless symphony. She knows that the depths of contrasts and lines can contribute to make her look just how she wants. She also knows that her bustling routine can use the help of a watch—every minute is precious when you have to conquer all.