Fashionista: Audacious And Printed With Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Emilio Pucci Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Every outstanding personality need outfits that are reflective of their inner confidence. Bold colors and prints are two strong options that can help you express your brightness. If blending prints and a pop of color doesn’t intimidate you, the inspiration of this week’s Runway Report guides you in creating a look that is harmonious in its excesses. The garment to splurge on this week is a refined sexy item that compliments every style.

Runway Report: Emilio Pucci’s Fall 2018 collection is for those that enjoy a tad of audacity in their style. Forget about neutral colors and warm earthy tones like mustard. Pucci’s colors were bright and the brand’s signature prints also joined in the mix. Pucci presented a lively and yet elegant fall season. This week’s outfit is a good example of how to incorporate a dramatic color along with prints in a casual office-ready look. The vermilion collar dress ($90) is audacious without being too extravagant to wear to the office—its silhouette is classic, a knee length dress nipped at the waistline. Every Pucci collection is an example of mastery of printed outfits, and this ensemble isn’t any different. Printed tights ($20) and printed heels with thin stripes ($10) will add a little fun twist to the look. With only three items, you can explore the colorful and vivacious side of fall through your style.

Splurge: No other piece in fashion combines sophistication and sexiness like a pencil skirt. With a leather jacket or a sweater, a pencil skirt is the item you need to create an elegant ensemble that allows your body to show all your curves without revealing anything. A black pencil skirt like this one by Dolce & Gabbana ($950) is a classic option with a little texture from the lace to add a romantic style to your outfit. However, if you prefer something more rock ‘n’ roll, this Hugo Boss leather skirt ($600) has the attitude you’re looking for. If prints speak to you, this Ralph Lauren’s houndstooth patterned wool skirt ($155) will definitely be the right item for your next looks. Pencil skirts aren’t always classic though. To create a modern outfit, mix Kenzo’s skirt ($170) with sneakers; the formal silhouette gains details borrowed from sportswear, like the skirt’s polyester and sneakers. The outcome is a creative street style look.

Women have different personas that need different styles—but only one closet! To be true to yourselves, mixing and matching is the best fashion attitude. To accomplish your thirst for character, the classics will always allow you to be a little more creative with your compositions. Printed tights and a brightly colored dress can invent a look for when you need something a little more casual and fun to wear from 9-5. A classic silhouette or a pencil skirt, for example, leave space for more cheerful details. Textures, hues, fabrics, and even a mix of styles are welcomed with the balance of the traditional. Sneakers and printed tights are an easy way to transform your look instantly, for example. We all have a casual side; on days that ask for a little funkiness, adding fun pieces to elegant looks can be what you’re looking for.