Fashionista: Powerful Femininity with Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Alexander McQueen Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Even if we know how to inspire self-confidence with our own style, some outfits have the magic touch to express the powerful nuances of our personality. If you’re naturally fearless or need a little motivation now and then, fashion can help you find the right message to communicate to the world. If fall is the season to start thinking heavy fabrics, leather pieces are a good opportunity to wear your tenacity. In this week’s Runway Report, you’ll find how Alexander McQueen created an all-leather look and added a modern twist to it. In the Splurge section you’ll encounter a sophisticated yet wearable-at-any-occasion fall item that you’ll want in your closet.

Runway Report: Since Sarah Burton assumed the position of creative director of fashion, Alexander McQueen’s collections became more inclusive: presenting a variety of outfits to suit the contemporary woman in her different personalities and moods. Femininity is not synonymous with a single style or specific prints or fabrics. Every woman has fashion preferences that compose their style, but learning to express our personality through our outfits can be powerful. If you feel confident in a dress during summer, it doesn’t need to change when the days start to become shorter. Actually, fall invites heavier fabrics like leather into our wardrobe, allowing our ensembles to reflect the image of a strong-willed woman—also, fall is better described as the dress-and-boots season, always a favorite when we think practical yet sexy. To explore this mighty side of your style, Alexander McQueen combines in one look pieces that have attitude without losing femininity. An all-leather look in two parts: first, pick a leather dress ($36) and leather boots ($210). The second component of this look involves Alexander McQueen’s astuteness: instead of showing a traditional leather-dress outfit, Burton’s accessories were arranged asymmetrically, creating a modern twist. Carry your bangle bracelets ($60) and handbag ($97) in the same hand/wrist, leaving one side of your body heavily accessorized. To complete the asymmetrical concept, choose different drop earrings to wear, one with pearls ($4) and another in black ($65). Finish this look with a curb-link necklace ($20).

Splurge: September is here, and pumpkins are starting to make an appearance at stores. With fall upon us, we start to look for the best pieces to be worn with coats, scarves, and, of course, boots. An indispensable item on your list is probably a stylish, long-sleeved dress. To splurge on a long-sleeved dress, consider the possibilities the piece will give to you: nothing better than a long, black dress with boots to complement almost all your looks. Elegant, the combo of long sleeves and maxi length is the perfect option as workwear but also welcomed at informal occasions with a fashionable flair. If your style is romantic and you’d prefer a dress with some color, this long sleeve dress by Ted Baker ($257) is what you’re looking for. But, if you like high neck and a draped skirt, this dress by Diane Von Furstenberg ($600) adds a gothic sophistication to your style. If you’d like a dress to go to the theater, dates, or almost any slightly well-dressed evening event, this Alexander McQueen ($3,170) is what you need.

If you think fall is only about all things cozy, you probably saw that this season can have a vigorous side too. High boots, leather dresses, chunky accessories, black maxi dresses with long sleeves: all these heavy-looking pieces are for those who want to explore fall in all its potential. Even though we enjoy the soft and warm moments at the fireplace, fuzzy socks aren’t an option most days. And even knowing that dress-and-boots is a good look, we’re always looking forward to show how we can create different versions of a classic—leather, floral, sheer, and high neck can all be parts of a feminine and assertive style.